Asset Finance


Running a business is difficult, and well we know it. The only way to grow your business and also your market share is to invest in the business. However, this can prove to be testing when you simply don’t have the finance to do so.

Our asset finance solutions are here to help you achieve your business objectives, eliminating the hassle for you. With a dedicated team focused on business asset finance, we are sure to give you the right advice.

Why Choose Us?

Here at Consultas Financial Services, our team will take care of the entire application process so that you can focus on what you do best! We are a business finance broker, we negotiate with all banks & financial institutions to get the most suitable terms for your business loan.

Our team will make asset finance easier for your business. Consultas asset finance can also help you determine whether it is more profitable to finance the cost of your asset, or to buy them outright using your internal business capital.

How Does it Work?

This is simply financing essential business assets, which helps to ease cash flow. Generally, 10% of a deposit is put down with the rest of the loan to be repaid over a specific period of time.

Our team will deal with all banks & financial institutions, with our clients best interests at heart.

Whether your business is big or small, we have finance solutions for you. Our team have arranged finance for all types of differing assets, from a coach company upgrading their fleet to manufacturing companies buying essential equipment.

5 Types of Asset Financing:
Hire Purchase

This type of finance generally requires a 10% deposit upfront. However, the asset is owned by the end user. This type of financing is common especially if the company see’s the benefit of owning equipment over the medium-term.

Equipment Leasing

The lender purchases the asset and rents it out to the end user. The user however, will not own the asset. These finance arrangements are common for businesses that don’t see the need for equipment in the long-term. When the agreement is finished, the user will have the option to extend the contract, upgrade the equipment or purchase the equipment outright.

Capital Lease

The user will be in possession of the asset for most of its lifetime. However, the user will never own the asset. This is a long-term lease, therefore it has the benefit of spreading the repayments out annually at a lower cost.

Operating Lease

The leasing company is responsible for maintenance costs, the user makes repayments over a fixed time period.

Asset Re-Financing

Re-Financing is a quick way to release capital into the business. This is done by selling an asset and getting it financed back to the business. The capital can then be used as a capital injection or to finance new equipment.

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