Debt Restructuring & Negotiation


Business & Property Related Debts?

Debt Restructuring is an option whereby all your debts are combined onto one or a smaller number of facilities, potentially extending the term and reducing your monthly repayment outgoing.

” I have too many loans on inflexible terms and conditions so there is no cashflow to service the repayments”

“I am over my Overdraft and Business Credit Card Limits”

Loss of income or reduction in business turnover may be the main reason for your debt problems. At Consultas, with over 80 years of experience in financial services, we can help you to successfully restructure your debt and manage both your personal and business finances.

How to Solve Inflexible Loans and Get the Best Deal Possible

When your business is facing financial problems, it can be a very stressful time. Maybe your borrowings are too high or you have cash flow problems. Perhaps sales have fallen or a new competitor has captured your market share. Whatever the situation, Consultas can provide expert advice and solutions to resolve the problem and enable you to move forward.

Our professionals have considerable experience unlocking and enhancing the value trapped in underperforming businesses. We are experienced and approachable with a strong track record of successful outcomes. Our process is to assess your situation, review your options and negotiate with lenders on your behalf. If necessary, we can provide forensic accounting and dispute resolution services.

Examples of areas we assist are:

  • Identifying the underlying causes of the problem
  • Expert advice on the available solutions
  • Critically assessing the viability of your business
  • Preparing a business recovery plan
  • Working with you and your stakeholders to implement the plan
  • Negotiating with your creditors

Consultas have acted for many businesses around Ireland negotiating excellent terms with Banks and Hedge Funds.

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