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Business Finance

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There are lots of different lenders in the commercial space. However, you need expert advice on finding the right lender and business loan facility for you. At Consultas, we have partnerships with over 30 different business finance providers. Our team go to the market and choose the most suitable, cost effective facility for your business.

Whatever area of business you’re in, there’s a commercial loan to suit your needs.

We work with great businesses that are focused on achieving their objectives. Whether your business needs finance for cash flow, equipment or growth – our team will work with you to ensure your needs are being met.


Meet with client

Understand Your Business Finance Needs

Decide on the Most Suitable Lending Package

Prepare & Submit the Application to Various Lenders

Help You Decide Which Loan Offer Suits Your Business

Ensure Efficient Drawdown of Funds

Different Types of Funding

Business Loans

Commercial Property Finance

Machinery Finance

Specialist Equipment Finance

Cash Flow Finance

Unsecured Business Loans

Unsecured business loans can be helpful when you need a smaller loan amount in a short space of time. These loans also allow you to draw down smaller amounts without putting up security or collateral.

Secured Business Loans

For loans of €10,000 and upwards, a secured business loan may reduce the cost of repayments. This involves putting up an asset as security, which can also be seized in the unlikely event of failure to make repayments. These loans spread the repayment costs over a longer term, which can help to ease cash flow.

Asset Finance

Looking to invest or upgrade your business equipment or machinery? Many of our partners will finance new and used equipment or machinery for up to 9 years. Our experts can advise you on whether it is more suitable for you to refinance existing assets or to upgrade.

Debt Restructuring

Debt Restructuring is the re-financing of existing business debts into a smaller, compact facility. Through this process you can potentially extending the term and reduce your monthly repayment outgoing.

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Project Management

Our team carefully select the most suitable business finance option viable for the business. Not only do our experts arrange the finance, they also look after the entire application from business assessment to final drawdown.

Qualified Professionals

Not all loans can be suitable for your business, and securing the wrong loan can mean you end up paying a lot more than what you should be.

At Consultas, we work with the entire Irish business lending market – from high street banks and the new generation of challenger banks to specialist, niche providers. We are experts in the field of business banking, so let us help you. Our team has personal contacts that can often let us secure finance quickly, and have access to products that are not available on the open market.

Niall Kavanagh – MBA, QFA, LIB

Connell Porter – QFA, RPA, APA

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