Inheritance Tax & Estate Planning


How Much of Your Estate are you Leaving to Revenue When you Die?

For every €1,000,000 included in your estate, without carefully planning, it may lead to an inheritance tax liability of €330,000.

Poor Estate Planning

Without carefully planning your estate, this could to numerous issues. In many cases, the family have to sell the assets or borrow money to cover the tax bill. This can often lead to potential family conflict. Unfortunately, if you do not plan ahead your family may have to make the difficult decision to sell your business or family home for a potentially lower price than its real value.

How to minimise this tax bill

Talk to a Financial Advisor

At Consultas, our team are experienced in dealing with estate planning for families with small and large assets. The most important thing to do is talk to your family. Communicating with your family will help to initiate the process. The next step is to make a list of all your assets (big or small). Once you have this done, get in touch with us to discuss how to reduce or eliminate this tax burden.

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