Investment Planning

Consultas Wealth Management

At Consultas Wealth Management, we have a team of Financial Advisors who are well experienced in managing investment portfolios for our Private Clients. Investment Portfolio’s vary depending on a clients financial objectives, stage of life, investment horizon and whether they are investing a lump sum or contributing regularly.

Investment Market Overview

Both equity and bond markets have suffered a negative year in 2022 as a result of inflationary pressure combined with supply chain issues. Typically, when inflation rises most Central Banks raise interest rates in order to reduce the level of inflation to the average target figure of 2%. However, the jobs market globally has remained strong and companies earnings results are still proving resilient.

Investment Portfolio’s differ for every individual depending on their attitude to risk, personal financial needs and how long they plan to invest for. Consultas manage millions in Investment Portfolio’s for their Private Clients. From mainstream Mutual Funds and Self Directed Investment Options to Alternative Investments – Consultas understand Investing and also understand you.

Some of Your Investment Options

Investment Bonds

Self-Directed Investment Options

Structured Deposits

Savings and Investment Plans

Inheritance Planning

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