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Retiring in Ireland

We all know how complicated the retirement process can appear to be. Our team are here to guide you through the whole retirement process. Our experts have outstanding experience in dealing with all pension plans. We are focused only on putting the clients needs first. Below is an interesting article for anyone considering their retirement plans. TILDA examines retirement patterns in Ireland and the relationship between retirement and well being.

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Pensions are an extremely tax efficient way of saving. You get tax relief on your saving at the marginal rate. This means that funds accumulate tax free until retirement. You then get a percentage of your fund tax-free at retirement. The earlier, the better with pension plans.

Why Start a Pension?

Saving for Retirement

You can do your saving personally, either through a personal pension, PRSA or AVC (free standing). Or you can save through a company, with an executive pension, company scheme or AVC (via scheme). We will advise on the most suitable options for your particular needs.

Tax Efficiency

Your monthly contribution towards your pension doesn’t cost as much as you thought. Once you set up you pension plan, your contribution is automatically taken out of your monthly payslip. So if you are in the 40% income tax bracket, your contribution will only cost you 60%.

Additional Income for Retirement

This is the main reason why pension plans are put in place. The government “old age pension” is currently €248 per week. Unfortunately for many people this is not a sufficient level of income for when they retire. Starting a pension plan with Consultas guarantees that you will have additional income for when you want to enjoy your retirement.

Why Consultas?

Project Management

At Consultas, we pride ourselves on providing top quality service. We save our clients time & money through project managing the entire operation from application to completion. Our team will also analyse your needs and go to the market with your requirements in mind. Consultas compare all different life assurance providers to ensure you get the most suitable pension.

Experienced Professionals

With over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry, we guarantee you’re in safe hands.

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