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Your medical practice is a business. All businesses need financial support. With Consultas, we understand the lives of busy professionals and work hard to fulfil your needs.

You are a Key Member of Your Community – Providing a Vital Service

Your medical practice treats patients and saves lives. As a result, you are also operating a business. Whether you are working with the HSE or operating as a private consultant, getting the right finance is necessary for your business.

We work with private medical consultants and practitioners across Ireland. Our goal is to secure the best funding for your business. Whilst also making it sustainable for the long-term.

Your Funding Options

Buy an Existing Practice

Setting Up a Practice


Working Capital

Tax Bill Funding

Making the Process Easier for Your Business

Quick Access to Finance

Consultas are registered brokers with all main stream lenders as well as many alternative lenders across Ireland. Our team fast-track the application to ensure our client gets fast approval.

Fast Approval

We have a dedicated business lending team that are highly experienced in this area, as a result Consultas have a high approval rate on the loan applications submitted by our team.

How we can help

Project Management

At Consultas, we pride ourselves on providing top quality service. We save our clients time & money through project managing the entire finance operation. Our team will analyse your needs, and go to the market with your specific requirements in mind. Consultas compare all different financial institutions to ensure that the finance is cost effective. We will also make sure that the funding is suitable for your needs.

Experienced Professionals

Consultas is owned and operated by managing directors Niall Kavanagh & Connell Porter. Both Niall and Connell have extensive experience in business banking across all sectors. They have also previously occupied Senior Management positions in Bank of Ireland & Ulster Bank.

Our Senior Advisers

Niall Kavanagh - QFA, MBA, LIB

Niall Kavanagh is a highly qualified, experienced professional. With an extensive background in business banking, Mr. Kavanagh has in-depth knowledge and experience in dealing with all sectors.

Connell Porter - QFA, LIB, APA

Connell Porter is a senior adviser and director with Consultas. Mr. Porter is well travelled in the world of Business & Finance, having fulfilled senior management positions in UlsterBank & Bank of Ireland.

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When it comes to all things Business & Finance, you’re in safe hands with Consultas.

Funding Irish Medical Professionals

Funding Irish Medical Practices 

Obtaining the proper finance is crucial. Especially when operating a medical practice. Unfortunately, many doctors don’t have the time to shop around for the right source of finance.

We partner with all financial institutions across Ireland. Consultas have access to the right contacts, making the process easier for our clients. Our lending partners also have a specialised medical division that works to provide loans to healthcare professionals. We understand the challenges facing doctors and can help you get the appropriate funding to grow your business.

Buying an Existing Practice

Whether you’re buying into an existing medical practice as a partner, or buying it outright, this may require substantial investment. It is important that you evaluate the business before any purchase is made. The patient numbers, premises, equipment and all HSE contracts need to be taken into consideration before beginning negotiations.

At Consultas, we can help you to buy into an existing practice through a variety of different finance options. The most common method of financing for this particular venture is Secured Lending. This is a loan that is backed by security, in this case it will be the premises of the practice. An alternative can be a partner equity loan. This can be spread out over a long period, which makes it very cost effective over the term of the loan.

Setting Up a New Practice

Setting up any business usually has significant upfront costs. This is no different when it comes to setting up a medical practice. From start up costs to weekly wage bills, we can arrange funding for your practice.

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