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The Consultas Service Provides Business Owners with Financial Management Expertise and Support for:

Equipment Finance

We can help you determine whether it is more profitable to finance the cost of your vehicle and equipment purchases or to purchase them outright using your internal business capital.

Cash Flow Finance

The number one reason for business failure is under-capitalization – running out of cash. As most business owners know, profits do not equal cash flow. It takes cash to invest in infrastructure, lay the foundation for future growth, and build capacity.

Property Finance

We research the market, securing the best terms for your investment. Our team provides assistance in raising finance for business premises, from retail and office units and also manufacturing hubs.

Manage Your Surplus Credit Balance

This is an overview of the options available to you if you have a cash surplus built up in your company.

After your decide how much cash you need from your retained earnings to pay various liabilities, you should then consider your options for managing extra cash in the business account.

1. Do Nothing

Sounds simple, right? Wrong. Letting surplus cash sit in a business account means that you will actually lose money. The value of our money decreases in line with inflation, so this means that in the UK we need to make 1.5% interest on our money. You can’t do that by doing nothing.

2. Use High Interest Deposit Accounts

This option is quite similar to doing nothing, but you will at least gain a little interest on your money. However, you set these accounts for a specific period. This means you will not be able to access the funds for the specified period of time.

3. Pay Off Existing Debts

Having a little extra cash in the bank account can be an opportunity to pay off some existing creditors to the business.

At Consultas, we help businesses all over Ireland to raise funds which support the start up or expansion of their business venture.

Niall Kavanagh and Connell Porter are experienced professionals having occupied senior managerial positions in Ulster Bank and Bank of Ireland.

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