Financing a Medical Practice

Running a Medical Practice can use a lot of Your Time and Energy

As a busy professional, it can be difficult to manage every aspect of your medical practice effectively. Managing the financial end of the business can prove to be most stressful. In terms of funding, it is crucial that the correct finance solution is put in place to suit your business type.

 It goes without saying, that not every reason is worth putting your business into debt. At Consultas, we can help your business to adopt the “Smart Borrowing” approach. This means borrowing money for the right things, which will inevitably help your business to grow and flourish.

Obtaining the proper financing is crucial to expanding or starting a private medical practice. Unfortunately, many doctors don’t have the time to deal with shopping around for the right source of finance.

At Consultas, we partner with all financial institutions that have a specialised medical division that works to provide loans to healthcare professionals. We understand the challenges facing doctors and can help you get the appropriate funding to grow your business.


How We Can Help You

Consultas Financial Services are a Credit Broker, not a Lender. We are experienced in dealing with all major banks and financial institutions to determine the most financially viable funding solution for your business.

Quick Access to Finance

Consultas are registered brokers with all main stream lenders as well as many alternative lenders across Ireland. Our team fast-track the application to ensure our client gets fast approval.

Fast Approval

We have a dedicated business lending team that are highly experienced in this area, as a result Consultas have a high approval rate on the loan applications submitted by our team.


Our Process

With extensive knowledge of all sectors, our helpful staff can take care of the entire finance process from start to finish. This includes:

  • Analysing the business model.
  • Listening to the needs and understanding the business owner’s vision.
  • Advising on the most practical, affordable solution for your needs (every business is different).
  • Gathering all relevant financial information required to submit an application to the finance institutions.
  • Creating a compact, effective application based on your needs.
  • Fast-tracking the application straight to head office.
  • Drawing down the loan facility once approved.

Equipment Financing

To have a chance of succeeding in your profession, you need to have the right equipment. On occasion, you will need to upgrade and expand the existing equipment needed. It’s important that you talk to an advisor before seeking finance from an institution. Loans, financing and leasing are effective options for upgrading equipment.

Moving to a Bigger Premises/Acquiring an Existing Practice

Whether you’re expanding your existing premises or looking to invest in a new premises, borrowing from a financial institution via a broker is the most effective solution. Financing a new premises allows your business to grow while spreading the repayments out over a fixed period.

New Opportunity

Every now and again, opportunities come along where the potential results could be the making of your business. Our helpful team will ensure that you don’t miss this exciting new opportunity.

Some Documents You Can Have Ready for Your Meeting with Consultas:

  1. Financial Accounts for the last 3 years.
  2. 6 Months business bank statements.
  3. Relevant AML (Passport & Proof of Address).
  4. Copies of existing loan statements.


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